Friday, July 13, 2007

Bird Had it Right

Watch the left arm. Bird should have aimed a little to his right.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Or Else

Senator Obama asks my favorite question and gets a telling answer from the Scretary of State:

Rice: "Senator, I want to be not explicit about what we might do because I don't want to speculate. But I will tell you this, the benchmark that I'm looking at -- the oil law is important, the political process is extraordinary important -- that the most important thing that the Iraqi government has to do right now is to reestablish the confidence of its population that it's going to be even-handed in defending it. That's what we need to see over the next two or three months, and I think that over the next several months they're going to have to show that."

Obama: "Or else what? . . . "

Rice: "Or this plan -- or this plan is not -- this plan is not going to work."

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You Just Gotta Believe!

"I wouldn't ask a mother or a dad -- I wouldn't put their son in harm's way if I didn't believe this was necessary for the security of the United States and peace of the world. And I strongly believe it. And I strongly believe we will prevail. And I strongly believe that democracy will trump totalitarianism every time. That's what I believe. And those are the belief systems on which I'm making decisions that I believe will yield the peace....I obviously have a unique view of things at times."

- George W. Bush, July 10, 2007

full transcript of speech

HuffingtonPost commentary on same quote by Marty Kaplan

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