Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just passing this along...

Send the word of God directly to mobile phones and generate new revenues for your ministry!

Our end-to-end solution gives your ministry connectivity to all major US wireless carriers so virtually anyone with a text message capable phone can sign up to receive custom inspirational messages from your ministry.

This vital new communication channel keeps you constantly connected with your congregation by allowing you to send inspirational messages directly to the device people take with them everywhere they go….the mobile phone!

Generate new revenues for your ministry: Not only will be able to deliver these powerful text messages, but a portion of the $4.99 monthly subscription paid by the mobile user will go towards fulfilling the vision and mission of your ministry!!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Big "O"

I know all about the gourmet olive oil craze. And I do use Extra Virgin, but a supermarket brand. If I were willing to spend more, I'd get better stuff I'm sure. But there are lots of places to buy good olive oil. Why for the love of G-d do we need a store just for olive oil? And in the highest-rent mall in the mountain west? Just one example of our wretched excess.

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Reason for hope?

"Protecting civil liberties, and people's confidence that those liberties are protected, is part of protecting national security, just as is the gathering of intelligence to defend us from those who believe it is their duty to make war on us. We have to succeed at both."

- Michael Mukasey, nominee for US Attorney General

Not said: " opposed to what the last guy did."

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cookie is angry!

He's been outsourced.

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