Saturday, December 30, 2006

Band of Gypsies - New Year's Eve - Fillmore East

December 31, 1969. I was 16, and it was my first New Year's Eve out. I took my girlfriend, Ellen, to a Chinese restaurant on west 8th street in the Village and then walked over to the Fillmore East. I knew we were going to see Hendrix, but didn't know what this Band of Gypsies thing was.

Of course, I had expected to hear all the great songs from Are You Experienced and his other albums. But this was something new and different. Funky and surprisingly optimistic. Less flashy, more focused on the music.

We saw the early show, so it's not the one on the album, but essentially the same set. They did throw in Foxy Lady, and Buddy Miles did Them Changes with every band he played with.

After the show, we made it to Times Square for midnight and then went up to Central Park to catch the end of the WNEW-FM party hosted by Zacherle.

Hell of a night and hard to imagine I did all that at the tender age of 16. I think there was some making out, too; at least I'd like to remember it that way! She was a great girl, and the only one I ever had a bad break-up with. Funny how I still regret that so many years later.

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I've always thought Band of Gypsies was great stuff, and although they were a band, it was still mostly about Hendrix. All the sadder that he didn't live to keep evolving his music.

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katie schwartz said...

I think my parents were at that concert too!!! my mom was a total beatnik in the 60s.

why do you regret it? I'm always fascinated by regrets. believe me, bubbie, I have plenty o' regret. I am just curious and you by no means should feel obligated to spill.

Lex Luthier said...

It’s just the bad breakup I regret.

Well, I also regret that I never got past 2nd base with her!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Jesus, as close to being on the ceiling of the Cestine (sp?) Chappel as possible.