Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blogging Ennui

When I realized today that it had been more than three weeks since the last post here, I knew something was up. With the real me and several alter-egos (including this one) available to contribute, none of us has had anything to say for a while.

Work has been overwhelming and sapping my physical (even though it's a desk job) and psychic energy.

Fortunately, I have two mini-vacations coming in the next weeks to favorite places on opposite coasts. Perhaps they will rejuvenate me.

Perhaps I should visit a spa, but only one that knows how to spell.

Or, having not been to Shul in nearly two years, I should reJEWvenate.

But I must stop watching presidential "debates" -- they just depress.

(if you're behind on Sopranos skip this paragraph)
And then they killed Bobby Baccala, and Sil is in a coma. If you saw that episode, the scene where they get Bobby in the model train store is fucking brilliant. But tomorrow is the finale, and I feel like I'm losing friends, even though they were very bad people.

Friends, don't give up on us. I'm sure we'll see a return of our vigorous and sardonic ways soon, and get that daily hit counter back up to 5.

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