Friday, August 10, 2007

"Apply black paint, screw on a protective plate, or squirt in goo."

OK, what is it?

  1. What Joe down at the body shop may do to fix up your beater car after you scrape another lamppost.
  2. What Mistress Xena may do to you during your hour in her dungeon.
  3. How the astronauts aboard Endeavor may try to repair the gash in their vehicle that threatens their safe return.

Of course, you guessed correctly. It's number 3.

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1 comment:

having my cake said...

All very worrying. Strangely I saw both shuttle disasters live on tv. The first one affected me very deeply. I had been so excited about the prospect of the first civilian in space and it being a woman. Many years later, I watched that long programme about how Christa McAuliffe and her colleagues died as a result of gigantic cock-up over the external temperature and it's effect on the rings sealing crucial parts. To then witness the pieces of the Colombia flying through the air so many years later was so horribly reminiscent of the flaming pieces of Challenger falling to earth.

Somehow I dont think I will be watching this one come back in. At least its name doesnt begin with a C... I will have everything crossed for those poor people.