Wednesday, April 25, 2007

American Family Association

The AFA is one of the most effective and hateful Christian organizations in America. Let by Donald Wildmon, they have mounted boycotts against corporations and media companies whose views they disagree with. But yet they claim to support freedom of speech...

So here is a vid they are pushing which makes the case that all of this free speech we have in America is a major cause of school shootings and other ills.

(Oh yeah, Dr. Spock too. Generalizations are so much fun. My older sister was spanked, but by the time I was around Dr. Spock was out and I didn't get spanked. Neither of us shot up our schools. Explain that!)

Gosh, isn't God a spiteful petulant lunatic!
(link is to an excellent rebuttal vid)

Fred Thompson is their savior!

An ongoing straw poll on the AFA site has Fred Thompson way in the lead. The conservative Christians are desparate for someone to save them from Mitt and Rudy. Fred is their man. Watch him. Here's a synopsis of his record as senator.

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Writeprocrastinator said...

Check out Fred Thompson on DVD in "Wiseguy" and honestly tell me that you would trust him. I'm sure even supremacists have their misgivings about him.

Yes, I realize that actors play a role, only I don't think he was exactly acting.

Katie Schwartz said...

I've been following this, but that video, the day they kicked god out of school, never saw it. un-fucking-real. these people are so sick.