Friday, September 14, 2007

Rudy Jumps Down, Spins

Rudy logic:

  • MoveOn is critical of General Petraeus.

  • Hillary Clinton is critical of General Petraeus.

  • Ergo Hillary is defending MoveOn

My logic:

  • Rudy put the NYC emergency commend/control center in a complex (WTC) that had previously been attacked by terrorists

  • Rudy oversaw a city whose police communication system couldn't talk to the fire communication system, resulting in more mayhem and deaths on Sept. 11

  • Rudy took no action to anticipate or deal with potential health problems of salvage workers at ground zero

  • Rudy put forward a corrupt candidate for Director of Homeland Security

  • Ergo, Rudy is about the last person in America we should trust to protect us

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