Monday, September 04, 2006

A Supergroup for Geezers

by Lex Luthier

Remember the Supergroup concept? Like Blind Faith? Get together some out-of-work guys from formerly successful groups and call 'em Super? Yeah, and who the hell was the bassist in Blind Faith? Never heard of him. Might as well as had a ringer like the Doors, B52s or Stones do now.

I've got a real candidate here:

Think about a formerly great band whose drummer flamed out years ago and bassist dropped dead more recently. And yet their guitarist, also a great composer, and lead singer, are still with us and quite unfortunately still touring under the banner of that group

Then think of another band -- long ago disbanded -- whose rhythm guitarist, also a lead singer, was cut down by a madman, and whose lead guitarist succombed to disease a few years ago. But the drummer is still with us, and sadly, still trying to sing. Their bassist also is alive, and not a bad singer, although his ability in the area of composition left him many years ago. He's a bit distracted right now by a messy divorce.

Seems to me if you put them together we have:

1. Lead guitarist and great composer
2. Lead singer
3. Bassist, not such a great composer any more, but he can still sing, especially harmony
4. Drummer (keep his mike off)

And now I'm pleased to present:

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