Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Breasts, and the Women Who Wear Them

by Mxyzptlk

We all know that if men got breast cancer (and a few do) in the numbers women do, we'd be well on the way to a cure, if not there already.

Some enterprising bloggers have found a way to bring focus to this during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with the 5th annual Boobie-Thon October 1 - 7. Yes, women of all sizes and stripes (and a few guys, judging by past years) will post pix in hopes that others will donate to assist with efforts to find a cure. Take a look at last year's creative pix to get you revving.

Thanks to the self-described "well-hung" Katie Schwartz for spreading the word. I can't wait to scan the pix and guess which one is her.

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1 comment:

katie schwartz said...

my fifth dimension hero!! oh, how I do thank you and appreciate you so.