Sunday, October 01, 2006

Welcome to America!

"My friends, we're going to run this campaign on positive, constructive ideas," Sen. George F. Allen told a rally of Republican supporters in Southwest Virginia last week. "And it's important that we motivate and inspire people for something." Let's consider which positive, constructive or inspirational ideas Mr. Allen had in mind when he (then) chose to mock S.R. Sidarth of Dunn Loring, who was recording the event with a video camera on behalf of James Webb, the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat Mr. Allen holds. The idea that holding up minorities to public scorn in front of an all-white crowd will elicit chortles and guffaws? (It did.) The idea that a candidate for public office can say "Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia!" to an American of Indian descent and really mean nothing offensive by it? (So insisted Mr. Allen's aides.) Or perhaps the idea that bullying your opponents and calling them strange names -- Mr. Allen twice referred to Mr.Sidarth as "Macaca" -- is within the bounds of decency on the campaign trail?

- from a Washington Post editorial, August 15, 2006

by Mxyzptlk

Welcome to the real world of America, George Allen. We know you may feel out of place, being a white, cowboy boot-wearing man. Do not feel uncomfortable. The rainbow people who were in Virginia before you will not look askance, and will welcome you without question. They know that America is the land for all people.

However, they have half a brain and will vote your sorry ass out of office, you bigoted, racist, worthless son of a bitch. Get on the Republican lobbying gravy train while you can, because it stops running in just a little over two years from now.

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