Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another good use for duct tape

by Mxyzptlk

While I'm on the subject of telling people to shut up... John Kerry, please shut up! You have again proved yourself to be self-absorbed, tone-deaf and not living in the real world of American politics. God help me if I ever support another candidate from Massachusetts.

First of all, you should have realized you had flubbed the line and could have corrected yourself right there and then.

Later, when your words were read back to you, you probably thought, "Oh, people will know what I meant." What freaking world are you living in? Of course they knew what you meant, but what difference does that make? You could have immediately made a three-part statement:

  1. What I really meant to say was...
  2. I sincerely apologize if... (like you finally did several days later)
  3. But let's not be distracted from the real issue which is...

That would have been win-win-win. But you are a loser.

Some have criticized Hillary Clinton for jumping on the bandwagon of criticizing your statement. Well, cynically, yes, she could take some political advantage from it, because it gives her and any other Dem with ambition an opportunity to knock you out of the box for 2008. But I was thinking about what I would feel if I were a leading Democrat in this election season. I would be so pissed at you that I would disparage you just for the sport of it.

As to John McCain, we now know for sure that the Straight Talk Express is up on blocks because the transmission fell out. He has gone from shining-light-although-a-conservative-Republican to usual-Republican-weasel. Not much of a friend either, eh John?

Title of this post inspired by Andy Borowitz.

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