Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hunger Ends in America

by Joe Fresser

Sounds too good to be true. But according to our government, nobody in America suffers from hunger anymore.

Well, OK, 35 million people may experience very low food security. Think I'm joking? Think I made that up. Oh, no, your taxpayer dollars paid for that euphemism. Ya see, according to the Washington Post:

Every year, the Agriculture Department issues a report that measures Americans' access to food, and it has consistently used the word "hunger" to describe those who can least afford to put food on the table. But not this year.

Mark Nord, the lead author of the report, said "hungry" is "not a scientifically accurate term for the specific phenomenon being measured in the food security survey." Nord, a USDA sociologist, said, "We don't have a measure of that condition."

The USDA said that 12 percent of Americans -- 35 million people -- could not put food on the table at least part of last year. Eleven million of them reported going hungry at times. Beginning this year, the USDA has determined "very low food security" to be a more scientifically palatable description for that group.

Bollocks! "Very low food security" is a more politically palatable description because nobody knows what it fucking means.

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